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National Mission Commission of Nepal

 “NMCN mobilizes local churches to help plant churches and transform communities through cross-cultural and holistic approach”


National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN) is a national Christian indigenous, interdenominational and non-profitable social organisation.
It was established on 22 June, 2001 through the initiative of Ram Prasad Shrestha under the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN) as a wing.

In order to respond to the call of serving the whole Nation with the whole gospel through wider partnership, it became independent after registering with the government on Shrawan 1, 2068 ( 17 July, 2011). NMCN is supported by the board comprising of key leaders representing denominations, para-church organizations and indigenous churches.

Vision Statement:
Mobilizing local Churches  to help plant at least one church in every unreached area of Nepal by sending Cross-cultural Missionaries to Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibetan border and beyond.


The purpose of the National   NMCN is to glorify God by uniting the churches of Nepal to be one force in fulfilling the Great Commission by teaching and equipping body of Christ   to be missionaries through holistic approach.

Objectives of NMCN authorised by the Government:

The objectives of NMCN are to:
-organise vocational training to empower society to sustain the community.
-send missionaries to plant churches  by equipping  them.
-equip churches through public awareness programs to get involved in social work. 
-provide biblical training to churches and para-church organisations to bring spiritual renewal and revival.
-Send national and international volunteers to get involved in social transformation activities.
-play a leading role in bringing unification and collaboration among churches and para-church organisation.
-Partner with like-minded national and international agencies,
-Initiate any other social work as need arises.

Ministries of NMCN

NMCN is committed to facilitate and organise various training to educate and equip churches for


Missionary Training School for 3- 5 months to train and equip missionaries in partnership with various de-nominations, churches and agencies.

Three days Mission Training for pastors and leaders to educate and develop mission in their respective churches and to respond holistically to the call of the
Great Commission. 

Week long World Mission Training for professional and youth to get involved and promote mission in the churches.


Sending is one of the vital aspects of NMCN. Partnering with local bodies. NMCN sends missionaries to the un-reached of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibetan border and beyond. NMCN provides training, strategy and partial financial support when the missionaries are sent through its ‘Adopt a Missionary Plan’


NMCN strongly believes in partnership, in sharing experiences and resources and recognizes the value of relationships with like minded agencies nationally and internationally.

Slum Children School:

NMCN runs an Educational program for the children in slums and marginalized children to help them to read and write as well as encourage them to be sent to schools.  We provide food, stationery and clothing and meet other needs that arise. The purpose of the project is to bring the Good News to them and their parents and plant a church in that community.

Prison Ministry:

NMCN hold various social and evangelistic events in the various Prisons in Nepal. We have been supporting prisoners in their needs and established churches inside the prisons.

We welcome interested friends and partners to extend hands of partnerships in the areas of facilitating training for pastors and leaders, church planting and responding to the needs of the deprived and marginalized people of Nepal.

Please pray and join us to fulfil the Great commission by sharing Good News and transforming the lives of people.

We will be very pleased to keep in touch, if you could communicate to us at the following address:

National Mission Commission of Nepal
P.O. Box-8975, EPC-830,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone:977 01 5529545
Gov. Reg. No. 3344/068

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Mission Training Forms

National Mission Commission of Nepal is a indigenous National Mission Movement supported by several major denominations and para-church organizations to equip and send missionary in and out side of Nepal.